Ways To Bond With Your Girlfriends

You might be married to the love of your life and enjoying the time with your kids and the family. But that does not mean you have to let go of your friendships. Here are some great ways to bond with your girlfriends.

Go On A Run With The Girls

No this does not have to be one of those stressful marathons with a start and a finish line. Make things fun and exciting. You can however hang out with the girls swapping great gossip and fun stories too. You can even try out funky costume and fun accessories for the run too. Do not be afraid to make complete fools out of yourselves! Have a great time with it!

Spa Day! Spa Day!

Arrange a spa day for the entire group of girls. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from everything and booking yourself and the girls time out at a nearby day spa. You can throw in mud baths, mani-pedi and even massages. You can walk out feeling relaxed and relieved at the same time.

Try Something Completely New For Yourself And The Girls

Is there anything you guys have not done but been planning to do them all these years? If so, it is time that you do take things into your hands and try out these fun activities. These can include indoor sky diving, whitewater rafting, a safari or vesting a winery. Make a day out of it, perhaps a weekend where you can leave everything and everyone behind and just chill out with the girls.

Take A Road Trip

And yes you are going to need a proper plan and a schedule for this. You will need a great destination to start with. Perhaps a vineyard or a great hotel. This will be great if you have many exciting stops on the way too. See if the route you chose have great restaurants on the way; maybe even great shopping malls. If you do not have a convertible, try hiring one, since we all know road trips are more fun when you ride in a convertible!

Have A Beach Day

Not every beach day needs kids and their sand castles. You can bring all the tanning products and have a beach day with the girls. Work on those tan lines you always wanted. You can break out the wine bottles and have a small beach party of your own. Do not forget to top the experience off with some great sea food dishes as well. Nothing screams perfect and relaxing like a day at the beach enjoying the sun and the great company.

End your week in the best possible way with a soothing massage // Terminez votre semaine de la meilleure façon possible avec un massage apaisant

Have A Movie Marathon

Does your girl gang also have a common man crush? Invite all the girls to a house empty of kids and husbands. You can talk to everyone in the girl gang and get their input on the movies that you are going to watch on the movie marathon night. You can top everything off with a few bottles of wine, popcorn and some pizza. You can relieve the awesome memories you girls have shared in between and swap some gossip.

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