Tips to getting your toddlers to listen to you

Getting your toddlers to listen to will not be an easy task. Especially if you are someone who has been extremely lenient on your toddler then getting them to listen to you will be quite difficult. However, there are some tips that might actually work with getting your toddlers to listen to you!

Red below to find out!

A no is a no!

One thing that you yourself need to be clear, is that when you tell your toddler a no, it means a no! just because your little one fusses and cries don’t convert the no to an yes. This is what will make your little one think that when you say no, with a little bit of wailing and crying they can make you change your mind. So every time you this you are only proving that their theory is correct. Which is why you need to ensure that they understand when you tell them a no for something it remains that way no matter what!

Avoid excessive pampering

You need to stop pampering your toddler in every little thing possible. Most parents complain about the little one being a spoilt brat after spoiling them, or worse allowing them to be spoilt. Every parent must take their responsibility of parenthood seriously and understand that every little thing that they do now is going to be what shapes the entire future of their kid. Its not like simply dropping off their kid at one of the playgroups SingaporeWhere kids will only stay for a short period of their time. However you must make your choice carefully as well.


Tell them lovingly

Tell your little ones what they should and what they shouldn’t be doing in a loving manner. Unless you are ready to be patient with those little things, how can you expect them to patient with us. Therefore, we need to ensure that our kids are able to understand why we are telling them to do something by explaining it them why we are asking them to do something. Always keep in mind that we should convey our message with love not with anger. Only love will het through to them.

Bribes or punishments


Bribing your toddlers can be one of the best ways to get them to do things. But not always will bribes work. You will also need to use mild punishments like the naughty chair to discipline them. However, do make sure to use a mix of the strategies to be able to handle your little ones! Of course it is hard work!

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