Tips to Buy Tickets to Events You Love

Whether you want to see your favourite sports team or Beyoncé live in concert, there is no doubt that when it comes to your most loved events, nothing but the best will do. Trouble is, there are quite a lot of people out there who think the same way, and the more famous/popular a team, band or artist is, the more in demand their events will be. Needless to say, the scramble for tickets is a full-blown affair that can result in tears and disappointment if you are not quick on your feet. Being complacent will not help you, believe us. On that note, let us browse through some tips to help you get your hands on tickets on time.

Get a Credit Card

The world is divided into those who live off of credit cards their whole lives and those who have sworn off them for life as well. However, you are going to have to make your peace with it depending on how badly you want to go to this event. Applying for and getting a credit card is necessary before the general sale. You will often have some notice of when this will be, so you can prep yourself if you do not have an authorised credit card.

Be Part of a Fan Club

Fan clubs are about a lot more than just selfies and hash-tags. They can get you the best pre-sale deals around, which definitely comes in handy when you are fighting against probably millions of others. There are lots of memberships and clubs to be a part of, so why not research them and find out which ones seem the best? You may even qualify for VIP packages, which are of course, always welcome! From Anzac day AFL tickets to music shows, there is so much up for grabs, more conveniently than ever. Make use of it.

Keep an Eye Out

Concerts and sporting events are usually announced quite ahead, and the pre-sale dates go up with the sale dates as well. Keep an eye out and scour the Internet around this time. There are always offers and deals that drop depending on where you shop form, so you may be able to strike a really good deal. Keep track of updates on official websites, social media account and other promotional and marketing material. They often reward ardent fans who are most likely to do all of those things, which is why it pays to be a little more invested.

Update Your Tech

Not necessarily your phone (unless it is a million years old and functions slower than a tortoise walks), but your software mainly. Mobile apps are all the rage right now, and most of these events usually have mobile app platforms which you can download. These are built to be easier and more efficient than websites, as websites can often crash as well when there is too much traffic at a time. Mobile apps could get the job done quicker, offering you an advantage.

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