Tips for throwing an awesome venue-party in Hong Kong

Parties are a great way to get away from the daily hustle of work and studies and this is especially true in the metropolis of Hong Kong where pretty much everyone works non-stop, around the clock. Another thing about Hong Kong is the space restrictions one must put up with because a majority of the population lives in apartments. Throwing a party can become troublesome in so many ways and the space concern is just one of them. There’s always the possibility of an angry neighbor making a complaint to the landlord or the police. In this article we will be talking some really cool things you can do to make a shindig held at a separate venue an entertaining one.

Selecting the venue

This is something you must get right because even if you have David Hasselhoff to entertain the guests, if the atmosphere isn’t a fun one, it will surely be a dull affair. There is a range of venues in Hong Kong for you to choose from and each one will provide a unique experience that the guests will love. If it’s a soiree for a bunch of friends or family members, the gathering venue should ideally be at a location convenient for all the invitees. Pay loads of attention to the number of people that’s going to be there, if there’s a need for a buffet area and of course the safety factor.

The music

The kind of music you’re going to play at the occasion must be well suited to the crowd as well. Gain an idea about their likes and dislikes and determine whether you should go with EDM, hip-hop, R&B or disco music. You can be the judge of who is going to play the songs. If you’ve got a killer playlist in your iPod, go ahead and jack it in and if you think it’s better rely on a pro DJ, don’t hesitate to spend on one to keep the party room hopping till dawn.

The booze policy

You don’t have to be solely responsible for the booze provision. Go for the much more interactive BYOB policy and be sure to let all the guests know about it beforehand. You of course can choose to do the honors and provide the first few rounds as it is your party and afterwards, everyone can share what they’ve brought. Don’t forget to keep lots of ice ready to keep the beers and the other beverages cold. Be smart and keep a couple tequila bottles well-hidden till everyone runs out of drinks and surprise them late at night.

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