Tips for Cooking with Spices

Whether you are a veteran of cooking with spices or are new to the whole thing, you will find this article rather useful in tackling the subject. If you belong to the latter category, then you are in for a treat, especially because of how much you can expect in terms of change, not just in relation to the taste of your dishes, but also improved health. Spices help you enhance the flavour of your food without relying heavily on oils and fats, ensuring you take a healthier approach which is more important than ever today. So if you are planning to embrace this new way of living more permanently, you may as well familiarize yourself with the following tips, so you learn how to do it right.

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Plan Ahead

The thing about using spices and herbs is that you only need a little at a time, so if you are cooking one meal with them, you are likely to let the rest wither away in the fridge and go to waste. Instead, why not you come up with a weekly meal plan, preferably with more dishes that will require the same herbs and spices? That way, you get to use them to their fullest minimizing waste and saving money, while also enjoying the multitude of health benefits they bring with them. Set a chart up, and ask the family for ideas as well.


All the wonderful uses of turmeric powder would go to waste if you do not store the spice properly. The same goes for all the other spices as well. If you do not store them correctly, they will lose their potency and quality, including fragrance and taste. Air is basically their worst enemy, which is why you should invest in air-tight containers. Make sure they are see-through as well, and label them accordingly so you know exactly what is where, without having to juggle about in the kitchen when cooking.

Measure In Advance

So if you have recipes that require spices, first measure those out and have them set aside separately. After some time goes by and you are more familiar with the quantities, you will be able to do this with your eyes closed, but until then, you should make an effort to get it as close as possible to the recommended amount. Otherwise, you will end up tasting one of the spices more strongly than the rest. The trick to cooking with spices is ensuring they all blend well, so the taste and flavour are seamlessly integrated.

Keep Them Dry

This probably belongs under storage, but there is a reason as to why we wanted to list it separately, and that is this; spices and herbs need to be kept dry if you want them to last longer and deliver the same results time and again. Most people tend to put the spices straight from the container and into the dish, forgetting that the water vapour gets inside. When you leave your spices lying about like this throughout the cooking session, it is no wonder that they lose their potency, which is why we will again remind you about measuring your spices beforehand.

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