Tips on entertaining a group of friends in your new home

If you are entertaining friends for the very first time in your new home, but don’t really know where to start from, then the below tips and suggestions are exclusively for you…!

  • Make sure your home is ready for visitors – it might be tempting to just give into your friends’ demands to seeing your home, and call them over when things are still a mess. But this is a bad idea. While they might not feel bad at the half hearted invitation to your home, you definitely will feel ill at ease about having people view your home when it’s not its best. This is especially true if it is acquaintances rather than close friends. Take your time, polish and play around with the arrangements of your home and furniture, and once you’re satisfied, then invite people over.

  • Keep the guest list small this one time – if you are inviting your friends over for the very first time, then it’s important that you get to spend time properly with them, showing them around your home and entertaining them well. This however, is a little difficult, when you entertain a large group. So choose a small group of friends to call over for your very first party in your new home…
  • Make it an informal occasion – if you make a big do of this party, like making it a black tie party, things are only going to get complicated. Even if you are a pro at entertaining guests and throwing parties, remember that this is the first time you are doing so in this particular house. Give yourself and your home time to become familiar with each other. Besides, when it comes to close friends, we find informal parties are the best!
  • Make a grand game of the house tour – have fun giving the house tour. No, we don’t mean being very specific about where you bought the carpets from or how much it cost you for the living room paintings. Those are details you should only disclose if you are actually asked about it. Instead, you can talk about funny incidents that happened while purchasing a particular item, or the fun you had decorating a certain room with your kids. Make the memories of each room come alive for your friends.

  • Keep the meal simple – more often than not, entertaining for the very first time is stressful enough. Our suggestion is that you make your party something like a brunch or high-tea; where you need not cook elaborate dishes. Better yet, order in your meals. But if you insist on making a main meal, that too without the help of your local takeaway places, keep the menu as simple as possible. Starters that can be made ahead, and drinks that only take a few ingredients are great options in our opinion.
  • Don’t go over the top with decorations – let them see your home in it’s casual state. If they are truly your friends, then this is what they want to see. Of course, you need to make an effort to have it clean and tidy for them, and perhaps a little decorated. But see to that, that you are not going overboard with your flare at decorating.

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