Tips on creating a great family bond with your kids

Here are a few suggestions on what to do if you want a strong relationship with your children…

  • Don’t wait any longer; start today – waiting for them to grow up, waiting for a moment when your life isn’t as hectic, waiting for the perfect opportunities to start bonding…this is all pointless. Unless you start nurturing your bond with your children today, chances are that when you want to, it might be too late. If your kids have already grown up, or are teens; then it’s still not impossible to get to them. Just understand that it may not be as easy as you wish; so brace yourself to a tough road ahead…

  • Show them how by example – the things we do unintentionally, and the way we behave unconsciously teach are parents more than we think. If we don’t make an effort to connect with our parents, inevitably, our children too will be emotionally distance from us in the future. If you make an effort to stay in touch with your parents, and are patient in how you treat them, your children will understand that this is how they too should treat you. Make sure to be genuine; kids are pretty good at figuring out if you’re being insincere.
  • Take time out to have family holidays – you might not think family holidays are all that important; especially if you all live under the same house. However, out of the everyday situation, people are generally more relaxed. This is true to both adults and children. If you feel your child is going through something, and want to talk to him about, this might be the perfect setting for it.

  • Spend a minimum of one hour each day getting to know your children – it is vital that you are very aware of what is going on in their lives. Their interests, hobbies, what worries them, what holds their attention, their curiosities…these all tell you something. The words they use to describe their day or school hours too can be very revealing. Try not to be obvious about your “inquiry” and noticing. The easiest way to this is to do this, is to encourage sharing about each others day at the diner table. Share one meal, at the very least, together each day. Be sure to share about your own day; asking their opinion on things, especially from teens, can be very encouraging to them. This will not only boost their confidence, but it will also prompt them to come to you when they’re in trouble.
  • Learn their language, and the difference between speaking and lecturing – one thing most parents make is trying to over-share their wisdom. Try to keep the advice down; suggest, but don’t command. Pay attention to their language¾using “their words” can help them connect with you better…

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