Spice up the boring office or company parties

Office parties can bore a person to death and it is probably not due to the lack of events. This should be accredited to the lack of simulating events. It might be true that the environment might not be a place where you can let go and get drunk. However, office parties are the best place to socialise and network. One of the reasons for a multinational company having an office party is to raise cooperation and coordination between staff from different departments and within-department. Therefore, here are few tips to boost your office or company parties.

Add a theme and ask people to dress up

When parties have a theme, then they will add favour to the party. Moreover, it is a great way to get the employees on same page. It will also serve the purpose of breaking the ice between the employees. Apart from it, when people dress up for an event, they will feel good whereby they will be put in a better mood instantly.  The theme does not have to be office centric, it can be something fun like Disney characters or red carpet theme. In the party, you can have some fun games depending on the crowd and attendees.

Enable people to make memories

Office parties often are formal and you do not see a lot of people being free and reckless. However, if you add small things like photo booth services for corporate events, they will aid in making the party people to loosen up. However, it is better to refrain from having a kissing booth. Then that will make your office party a wild party. Photo booths are one of the best ways to facilitate people to let their hair down and have fun.

Add attention-grabbing food

People mostly go with pizza and other fast food when they are having an inter-office party and a bit more formal when it is a company event. It would be better if you can add come interesting foods into the mix. If you can bring some exotic dishes into the company party, this will get the party people to socialise since it will serve as an ice breaker as well as makes sure that people are fed.

Apart from the above mentioned make sure to add speaker or MC to coordinate your event and also make sure that you have DJ to keep the party going. It is important to make sure that if you are planning to have some contests among staff members then make sure that you have some stuff lined up to give the winner. This is a best place to market new products in other departments. 

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