How to make sure your work commitments doesn’t get in the way of your family commitments?

If the answer to the above question has been puzzling you, then here’s what our experts have to say in regards to it…

Understanding the importance of family time; and the end goal

 Most people in the business world are competing against the clock. After all, in most cases, time means money. However, it’s important that you remember why you’re making money while you’re doing it. If you’re like most others, it is for a comfortable life for yourself and your family. But the thing is comfort and satisfaction doesn’t only mean being well off financially. If, at the end of the day, once you’ve made your money, you come to realize that you don’t really know your kids, or them you, will you still be happy with all that you have achieved? Therefor, always keep the end goal in mind to help you dedicate more time for your family while you’re in your hectic race against time.


Know how to properly utilize your “working hours”; and being organized

 There are instances in life when you might feel like no matter how you want to make time for your family and make memories with them, you simple don’t have time. You’re always feeling swamped at work, to the point that you are even subconsciously working while you sleep. While this might be normal if it’s for a few days, if your every is like this, it might be because you are not utilizing your “working hours” well enough. By working hours, we mean here, the hours your mind and body is at its most efficient self. With the proper organizing, and with making the most of these hours, you’ll find that you can free a lot of you time…

 Learning to say no; and to leave you work behind

 If you are new to the business world, or perhaps just learning the ropes of it, chances are that you might be pulling more than that which you are required to do. In certain instances, going this extra mile may be good for you; as it will teach you quite a bit. However, it’s important that you know when to say no¾when enough, is enough. Likewise, it’s also vital that you learn to leave behind you “work self” when you leave work for the day. Worrying or stressing about your business is not going to do you or your business any good; and you bringing it home will only push away your loved ones.


Multitasking smartly; and the importance or sufficient sleep

 To be an efficient businessperson, or career person, it’s important to know how to multitask. Be smart about it. If you exercise regularly, do so with your spouse or significant other. You need to refuel regardless to how busy you are; why not do it with family? Not only will you be feeding your mind, but that light hearted moment with your family will also serve to relieve your stress; inevitably helping you perform better at work. While you really can’t multitask while sleeping, it pays to get the recommended 6-9 hours of sleep, as it gives you the energy to balance work and family.

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