Ideal gifts to give a new neighbor

A new neighbor moving in to your area, is always something that is exciting (at least at the beginning). It’s like a new friend coming in to your school. And as the responsible and caring neighbor you are, it is your duty to welcome them. So here are some ideal gifts you could use to do so.

Cookies or bread

Who doesn’t love cookies? Everyone loves a cookie, whether it is chocolate chip or stuffed with nuts (unless you’ve got an allergy for it). And the best way you could approach just about any person is through food. It creates a bond that nothing could ever get in between (That’s right, FOOD IS PRECIOUS!). So if not for cookies packed in custom made boxes singapore you could always bake a pie or banana bread. However, make sure you’ve got your instructions and ingredients right. After all you don’t want to make enemies by adding too much salt or too less butter!


Fresh flowers are always welcoming. With their sweet scents and vibrant colors, they make just about any person’s day. So even though you can’t find the time to cook something up, you can always buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and welcome your new neighbors to your neighborhood, warmly. To extend your welcome, be sure to write a little note along with the flowers, welcoming them. Here, you could include your contact details as well, to let them know that they are free to call you when and ever they need help.

A gift basket

If don’t really know what exactly you should be gifting your new neighbors, then gift them a gift basket. Gift baskets are ideal to give just about any person especially because it has a variety of little trinkets in it rather than just one thing. When gifting such a basket you are designing yourself, you don’t even have to think too much about whether or not you should be including that Lays packet you picked up at Target or that handmade soap you found in The Body Shop. The beauty of this basket is its randomness, so make use of it!

A houseplant

A little plant is another smart gift you could gift to your new neighbors. There is a higher chance that they would actually appreciate it more than anything especially because it adds the much needed greenery to their home. In simple terms, you can never go wrong with a houseplant!

You could also gift something classic like a box of chocolates, or a movie gift basket to relax and enjoy for the rest of the night, but make sure to throw in some snacks for it too. Be nice to your neighbors, especially with your first impression, and in turn they wouldn’t mind too much about the loud parties you host on the weekends (at least for a while)!


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