How To Plan a Birthday Party For Your Parent?

Growing up your parents would have planned you an endless number of birthday parties. They did not only limit parties to milestone birthdays. Instead, they may have thrown you a birthday party every year. Furthermore, they would have also gone out of their way to make it a special event every year. Therefore, in that case, the least you can do is plan them a party for their birthday.

Select a Date

We understand that the best function venue Geelong would be expensive to book on the weekend. But you need to understand that it is easier for guests to attend a party at the weekend. Therefore even if the birthday falls on a weekday the party should be on a weekend. This would make it considerably easier for the guests. Furthermore, in this way you can also ensure that everyone would attend this event.

Select The Venue

Ideally, the venue would depend on the size of the guest list. If you want to host an intimate affair you can opt to have this party at your home. If not, then you can opt for a restaurant. But we understand that many individuals don’t like to host events at their home. That is because when the party finishes they have to stay up all night cleaning up. But if they select another location there would be others responsible for cleaning up. However, another location would cost you a considerable amount of money. Therefore you should contemplate all these factors before making a decision.


When it comes to a party the easiest thing you can do is have a buffet. This would be less expensive if you are hosting the event at a restaurant. If you are hosting the event at home a sit-down menu would seem more appropriate. But that would only be so if you are hosting an intimate affair. Otherwise, we would recommend a buffet. However, you need to make sure an array of dishes would be available. That is because guests can have different food preferences. Therefore you should make sure that there would be enough dishes for vegetarians. Furthermore, you should also strive to serve some canapés before dinner. That is because guests would need something to nibble on while they wait for the main meal.


Having an open bar can be an expensive prospect. Therefore you can opt to serve the guests beer and wine. Furthermore, you can also have a signature cocktail.

Planning this party should be a fun prospect. But you should also take into consideration your parent’s wishes.

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