Here’s How to Lose Weight on Your Vacation

Vacation weight gain is as common as winter weight gain. All the fun of your vacation can get sucked out if you return several kilos heavier. If vacation weight gain is keeping you from enjoying your breaks, here are several tips that will help you avoid packing the kilos:

Go to a Weight Loss Hotel

Where you stay matters the most when determining whether you are going to gain weight or not during your holiday. If you are concerned about weight gain, choose a healthy accommodation option like a fitness retreat that would be guaranteed to have healthy meals and activities that will help you stay fit during your fun time. Similarly, weight loss hotels can help you keep your worst impulses in check so you don’t end up indulging too much.

Hike, Trek, or Cycle Instead of Driving 

Instead of flying to a paradise beach, try going on a hiking, trekking, or a cycling tour to the paradise beach. It would be a great way to test your endurance and get some exercise while at the same time enjoying a great scenery. You can even indulge a bit in the local cuisine fare because you will most likely burn it off hiking or cycling.

Try an Adventure Tour

Adventure tours holiday plans include thrilling activities in between typical vacation activities like sunbathing or going on boat tours. The advantage is that you can engage in activities that get your blood pumping, such as white-water rafting, rock climbing, snorkelling, and so on. When you are on an adventure, you will be distracted by all the fun things you can try so you won’t be in the hotel room binging on chips. The adrenaline rush, in general, will be good for your overall health as well.

Don’t Spend the Day in the Hotel Room

Whatever you do on your vacation, don’t plan to spend the majority of the time in the hotel room. It’s not difficult to imagine what happens here. In the hotel room, you will be most likely to stay on bed, doing nothing except watching TV and using the laptop or tablet. It gets worse; the phone will be close by to order room service. You will be sedentary eating too many sugary and fatty snacks and before you know it, you are flying home several kilos heavier. Therefore, plan your vacation with plenty of activities that keep you away from the hotel room. When you are touring and participating in fun activities, there will be no need to snack on things or binge eat, which is how most people gain weight on vacations.

Choose the Right Country for Food Tours

Wanting to lose weight shouldn’t keep you from going on a food tour if that’s what you love to do. But be careful in which country you plan this food tour. A foodie vacation in a Mediterranean country or France would be much healthier than going on a food tour in the American Midwest. Choose your cuisine wisely when going on food tours.

Follow the above tips, and you will be able to effectively keep your weight as it is without gaining more kilos as you enjoy your vacation.

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