Great Paint Colour Ideas Based on the Utility of the Room

You are free to choose any paint shade for the rooms in your house, or so most homeowners think. While you are certainly at liberty to choose colours you like, you must also consider the functionality of the room before randomly choosing any shade that catches the eye. Here are several tips on how you can choose a room colour based on what you do in the room:

Choose A Shade for the Bedroom That Promotes Sleep

The primary function of the bedroom is to create a peaceful environment so you can sleep uninterrupted for 7 to 9 hours per night. Choose your bedroom’s shade based on sleep science for this reason. Certain colours are bound to keep you awake at night. Our bodies prepare us to sleep when the lighting around us mimics the setting sun. So choose soft, warm tones for your bedroom that is easy on the eyes. You don’t have to necessarily select a yellow-based colour here. Hues like soft sky blue, gentle grey, or sage green can work too.

Create a Calming Bathroom

Most people don’t pay much attention to the wall shades in the bathroom, but you should. The colours you choose will play a major role in setting the mood of the bathroom. Sure, you don’t pay much attention to the bathroom on busy mornings. But imagine coming home wanting a warming soak in the bathtub. A wall shade that promotes the Zen-like calmness seen in spas will certainly help you wind down. Shiny colours can work quite well too, especially if it comes with a solid waterproof recommendation from your local painter Brisbane.

Choose Non-Stereotypical Shades for Kids’ Rooms

Picking colours for a kid’s room is possibly the trickiest task of repainting a home. Garish, gender-based pink or blue is certainly out of the question for many parents. You may choose a colour now thinking it’s adorable, but when the kids grow up, they may just hate you for it. To escape that particular situation, try to pick a colour that will grow up with the child. Fun colours like sky blue, watermelon red, sunflower yellow, and every hue in similar tones work quite well for both small children and teenagers. If your child is older, get her or his feedback so at least the parents don’t have to regret the choice later.

Use Harsh Tones for Patios and Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas where people hang out, or living rooms that open into gardens, can do well with harsh tones. If a bright pink or a glowing orange catches your eye, you can certainly use it outdoors. These bright shades create fun and vivid atmosphere that you can certainly enjoy when you are spending time outdoors. Choosing a shade that complements the natural shades of the outdoor area would certainly be a plus.

Make the Living Room Cosy with a Dark Shade

Thinking about painting the living room in a traditional colour like white or cream? Ditch that idea and think seriously about going with a darker shade, like navy blue. Dark shades can create wintry, cosy atmospheres by dulling bright lights. When you want a lovely room to snuggle up and read a book on Sundays, a dark hue might be the best choice.

Colours don’t just add aesthetics to a home; it also sets the tone for mood and tonal temperature of the area. Therefore, pay careful attention to the above tips before choosing various shades to adorn your home.

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