How to get ready for a special occasion in a short time?

In an ideal world, when we are expected to “doll up” and and make an effort with our looks, we will have plenty of time to do so. Unfortunately, in the real world, this does not happen so. Of you have to look your best in a matter of minutes, and want to know how, then the below tips will be of use to you…

Decide what you want to wear beforehand

 If you know you will have to get dressed in a rush, that too making an effort to look good, doesn’t it make sense to try and prepare for it as much as you can before hand? If it makes sense to you like it does to us, then you should start off with deciding what to wear on that special occasion. If it’s not a new outfit, then you might have to make sure you still fit into the dress; and that it still looks good on you. Selecting the outfit and finding all it’s “trimmings” (shoes, ties, handbags, accessories etc.) eats a lot of you time; something you can’t afford to do when getting dressed in a rush.


Wash/clean, press and shine everything at least the night before

 Once you have made your decision in regards to what you plan on wearing for your special occasion, it’s time to roll back your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Wash, clean, iron, and prepare your entire outfit. This has to be done at least the night before to reduce stressing yourself, and worse, having to rush yourself. Remember that this also includes buffing and polishing yourself. For example, if your hair becomes messy and frizzy unless you take your time washing it, washing it on the day of your special occasion when you’re pressed for time will be a definite bad idea. Washing it the night before will be a better option.

 Select a simple style of makeup and hair style

 Unless you are an extreme pro at putting on your makeup and styling your hair, chances are that, with being pressed for time, you might mess things up. This is especially true, if you have to do an elaborate and complicate hairstyle, or a delicate and layered makeup. To avoid this, select a simple hairstyle that looks complicated, but is in fact very simple to put together. The same goes for the makeup. Try to find colors that will naturally enhance your look and make you look dressed up. For example, if you have brown eyes, teal and nave blues look amazing used as eye makeup; giving the wearer a naturally dressed up look. Combines with the right dress, and the right hair do, you will look dressed up effortlessly…!


Practice it a few times before the day

 If you cannot avoid doing your hair in a complicated style (if you are required to have it that way), or if you are expected to put an effort on your makeup, you might not be able to get away with just the above tricks. But if you practice doing both the hair and the makeup a few times before the actual day, you’ll find yourself doing lesser mistakes, and inevitably finish dressing faster than you originally planned. It’s just like preparing for an exam; the more you practice, the easier it will be to perform.

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