Five Things to Know When Planning Your Wedding

Getting married is a beautiful and joyous occasion that is also an important milestone in one’s life. We all look to make it as memorable as possible but the task of organizing such a key event can be a daunting task especially if you and your significant other are going to be the ones doing it. However, you are in luck because the following are a few tips to keep you focused on what needs to happen at your wedding.

Marriage License

This is one crucial thing that must not be forgotten but very well can be, in the midst of the entire hullabaloo of wedding planning. The ceremony is important yes. So are the flowers, the wedding venues Melbourne and the other dozen things that need to be included in the planning. However, make sure you put having a marriage license approved at the top of your list in order to legally get married unless you want to go to the trouble of planning two wedding anniversaries every year.

You’re the Boss

One of the perks that come with planning your own wedding is that you get to be the boss. The more you’re involved in the planning, the better. You can always hand it over to a wedding planner or delegate certain tasks if the stress becomes too hard to bear but be sure to keep tabs on what’s happening at all times. Also remember, while your family and friends may have your best interests at heart, it’s not them getting married. Voice your opinions strongly and sternly. The last thing you’d want is to show up at your wedding and realize it’s not your wedding in any sense at all.

Prepare a budget

This may be the third thing on the list but it may very well have tied in the first place because you can absolutely get nowhere in wedding planning without a pre-planned budget. Getting married is expensive to put it bluntly but you can significantly decrease the costs depending on what your financial limitations are and what you need out of the wedding.  When planning your budget make it a point to set some money aside for unforeseen costs as there can be quite a number of those in a wedding. Once you’ve settled on a budget you can look into services that are within your financial capacity and plan the wedding of your dreams without unnecessary expenses.


Wedding planning comes with a crazy amount of details and organization. Maintain the initial vision you had for your wedding and try not to get side-tracked by all the new and colorful additions you can include. Remember, the bigger and more extravagant it is doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Make a list of the most important things to you and then check if your pre-planned budget covers the expenses before you start splurging on other items.

Get Some Help

Yes, it’s a good idea to plan your own wedding but and be involved in it at all times but if all the planning starts getting to you and it becomes something you’d rather be done and over with than one of the most magical days of your life, you know it’s time to pull back and ask for a little help. You can maintain your ideas and still ask your friends and family to help you out. If your budget allows it, maybe you can even have a wedding planner take care of your ideas for you.

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