Every Bride-To-Be’s Handy Guide to Hassle-Free Planning

Whether you are a self-professed Bridezilla or are for the most part quite easy-going, when it comes to your wedding you would undoubtedly still want things to unfold at least without any hiccups even if not spectacularly. One of the first things to remember is that you need to enjoy yourself, and not focus on whether that table runner is laid on straight and whether your centrepieces are still fresh. After all, you plan on doing this once (hopefully!), and you want to be sure you soak up every minute of it. So why stress yourself out consistently, when you can actually take things more in stride? Here are a few straightforward and useful tips to help you lay out your wedding as efficiently as possible.

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Inspect Your Wedding Dates

You will not lock in a date at first, instead play about with a bunch of options till you narrow a few down. Whilst you want to make sure everyone can obviously make it, you should actually first look into whether there are any events on the day that could affect the venue or your guests getting there. So for example you will need to check on things like whether it is a national day or something similar, especially if you are having a destination wedding. The last thing you want is your guests caught in the cross-hairs of some government issues, which neither of you has any power over.

Think Of Your Setting

Most brides are often too concerned with the décor and venue in that it needs to be impeccably decked out, so much so that they tend to forget about setting it up in a way that is conducive for the environment. So for instance, you need to look at things like whether it is the rainy season, or whether it is cold this time of year, or whether it is sweltering hot in the middle of summer. You do not want your guests wishing they could rush home so they could be more comfortable when you want them to be celebrating with you right? It also helps the performers, say Paris by Night for instance, as they are also more comfortable and able to do their best.

Ask One Vendor about Other Vendors

The thing about vendors and suppliers who deal with weddings full-time is that they liaise with pretty much the same circle regularly, so chances are they know other vendors quite well too. So if for example you have no idea about what vendor to go with, you can ask one you have already locked in. So if you have the florist, for instance, ask them if they might know a good photographer or caterer for instance. Pay it forward and enjoy the convenience this brings. Many brides today tend to do that now, mainly because they do not research years ahead as they did a long time ago.

Be Strict With Your Guest List

Look we know that you probably feel bad about having to cut down your guest list, but you will have to do it for the sake of your sanity and wallet. You want to be very careful about who you invite, because you have to take both parties into consideration. Some may be miffed about not being invited, but there is nothing you can do about that. If you plan to keep it small and intimate, then that actually makes life easier for you, but overall we advise you to spend some time on this, as your list basically determines everything else.

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