Bathroom hacks; tips on de-cluttering your bathroom

Tired of having a messy and cluttered bathroom? Want to know how to de-clutter it, almost effortlessly? If so, read ahead to find our tips and suggestions!

Understand the shortcomings of your bathroom

 In order to de-clutter and bring your bathroom to order, it’s important that you understand what is making your bathroom feel cluttered to you. In most cases, it is the over abundance of things in a too small space that results in making you feel this way. But sometimes, it is also the lack of proper lighting, as well as busy floor and wall tiles that might be making you feel this way. Apart from this, if your bathroom’s fixtures are too big for it, or if your shower curtains are “too busy”, then too you might feel like this space is cluttered when it actually isn’t so.


Checking expiry dates and not hording samples

 If you think your bathroom is not cluttered due to the above, but due to your things, then it’s time to pay close attention to the things in the bathroom. First, make a note of all the products that are past their expiry date, and without a moment of hesitation, dispose them. They are of no use to you. Next, look for all those things that you might have received as a gift, but are not truly to your taste. Dispose or donate these as well. Lastly, make a decision to always use the samples that you might get within a week of receiving it. The hording of these, as well as those little bottles you find in hotels have a horrible way of cluttering your bathroom.

 Having a home for everything

 One of the prime and most affective tips that home organizing experts give when it comes to maintaining a tidy and clutter free home, is to make sure that each of your possessions have a permanent place. Blow-driers, for example, are one of those things that generally clutter bathrooms and vanity tops. Having a place to stash it away from sight, and making sure it is returned their once use, is the only way to make sure it doesn’t clutter your bathroom. It’s the same with loofas, makeup and shaving machines.


Living in a bag

If you have a truly small bathroom, then it doesn’t take a lot of things to make it feel cluttered and uncomfortable. Look for storage options that do not eat up your space; wall storage and over-the-door storage being our best recommendations. Have a “dressing area” in your bedroom instead of dressing in the bathroom so you need not have your makeup in there. And as for the lotions and potions that you will need while in the bathroom, start using a steady bathroom caddy; which you will only take to the bathroom when you use it…!

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